Help for Your Fearful Dog - Nicole Wilde

Help for Your Fearful Dog


  • Release Date: 2006-08-01
  • Genre: Pets


"Help for Your Fearful Dog" is the first comprehensive guide on the topic of canine fear issues; it is aimed at owners, trainers, and anyone who works with rescued or shelter dogs. The book has been well received (see reviews by BARK Magazine, Animal Wellness, and the DC Examiner at and is being used as a resource by those who teach shy/wallflower dog classes, shelters, rescue groups, and of course, owners.

This 432-page softcover guide begins by explaining the differences between anxiety, fears and phobias. It goes on to discuss the root causes of fear issues, how dogs display fearful body language, and how human body language affects dogs. The Firm Foundation program, to be implemented at home, includes information about nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation, training, and management. The Skills section discusses four skills that are essential to teach fearful dogs. The techniques of desensitization and counterconditioning, and how to implement them in protocols, are discussed in straightforward, simple language. Fifteen specific fears are discussed, including fear of strangers, other dogs, sounds (including thunderstorms), veterinary visits, grooming, riding in the car, and being left alone. The Complementary Therapies section discusses ten therapies, remedies and products that can be helpful as adjuncts to behavior modification, including Ttouch, the Calming Cap, DAP, body wraps, and pharmacological intervention.

As with all of Nicole's books, the information is presented in a conversational, often humorous style. Included are many photographs and illustrations, making the information accessible, and the protocols and techniques easy to follow and implement.

Paul Owens, author of The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Non-Violent Approach to Training, calls Help for Your Fearful Dog, "Easy to follow, often humorous, and incredibly helpful! A must-read for any owner or trainer of fearful dogs."